Monday, 6 June 2011

Cathedral window cushion cover - how squares make circles!

I used to make loads of patchwork using this style when I was younger and was reminded of the technique when I came across some Liberty print I'd used on a previous cathedral window project.

What I like about this patchwork is that it's all done by hand, so you can take it out with you and you don't need to have a sewing machine. I also like it that the squares you stitch together create a beautiful arrangement of circles and colour.

The coloured fabrics I used were given to me by a friend who had collected lots of samples of silk fabrics whilst hunting for furnishings for her new home. 

I have lots of craft books that I use for reference but here is the 'how to' on the net, explained very simply.

Explained very simply here at the hyena-in-petticoats blog

1) In this photo you can see how the circles are formed.

2) A close up on the stitching

3) The finished cushion

4) The colours remind me of the cover of my note book - spooky!

5) I found this photo I'd taken at Boscastle of some lobsters, caged and ready to go to the market. There's a resemblance to the cushion cover.

Buy some cheap white cotton and have a go...the results are stunning! Let me know how you get on.... x

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