Friday, 17 June 2011

Textile Jewellery Course

I went on a textile jewellery course in Bristol last week, run by Julie Roberts (this link takes you to her courses/website) at her studio in Easton and here's what I made..

Flower brooches

Covered Button in the middle of this one

Close up

We used Suffolk Puffs to make brooches - 
layering up the fabric creates
different effects

Stitch on a button
Add some random embroidery stitches

I can now turn a length of ribbon
into a rose or two

Julie Roberts' courses  are run at her studio in Easton and she runs a variety of craft classes/day courses at The Bristol Folk House.

As a child I remember making suffolk puffs (large ones) and stitching them together to make a sausage dog draft excluder - a way of using odd fabric and keeping the drafts away - these were the days before central heating and double glazing!

There are lots of tutorials and images using suffolk Puffs online.

Here they have been used to make a garland.

Here another blogger who shows how potty she is about these cute fabric puffs!

Keeeep sewing!

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