Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bird houses....

More bird obsessed creations...what to do with them?

I came across Claire's blog and this project a while ago and made some pretty bird houses based on her idea. Claire created them as a way to use some beautiful paper and decorate her studio. Check out Claire's blog for inspiration & to look at her art work.

Wrapping paper from Paperchase

Additional paper is the sort used for card making - from my local craft shop Craft Works

Paper on right from Arnolfini gift shop

New home...on top of the wardrobes, looking gorgeous and stopping me from 'storing' things up there!
Pretty 'dustcatchers'!

As I looked at Claire's blog today to create the link I found that she has made some more..More birdhouses!

I also spotted this in Iota - you can get it in their online shop.

Plus....they sell these too, but not online. I want one...

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