Monday, 15 August 2011

Chic on a Shoestring - a silk-scarf top

Mary Jane is an inspirational 'writer, style expert and craft addict' who shared one of her projects from her book Chic Shoestring: Simple-vintage-style-accessories in the issue 4 of Mollie Makes.

Here's the project:

Scarf 1


Scarf 2

Abstract blocks

My finished top - will look great with linen shorts or on a slimmer me!


  1. Hi Alli - the top looks great! Really glad you enjoyed the project xx

  2. It looks great, really lovely on you! I've been eager to make this too, but am 6 months pregnant at the moment so probably best waiting! Looking out for the scarves though in the meantime!

  3. Catherine - get those scarves and before you make them into tops you can do some cute things with them in your hair....I'll post a link in a blog. x