Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Paint and Draw lesson 7 - Acrylic!

I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to my class today - some sad news put me in a weird place. I did venture out and got into the flow of the lesson.

It was all about mixing colours and understanding how to make a range of colours from 7 colours on the pallet - warm red, cool red, warm blue, cold blue, warm yellow, cool yellow and white. Will gave us three different demos and tasks today to help build up our skills at mixing....blimey, it's hard!

Here's my attempt at creating a range of colours and understanding how I got there...I do like a blue/ green range.
Next it was our task to create skin tones and our very own tone! We drew around our hands and played...well one member of the class said that mine looked like a 'Gaga hand'...not my best attempt. Just as Will pulled us together for the final demo I'd cracked the skin tone I wanted! I had another go....
Looks like I've been having fun with lipstick at the Rimmel counter

That's better - no more Gaga hand!
The pale circle of colour is from my attempt to create paint to match with a section from a painting - you can't see the painting, but you can see my attempts to match the colours. I'm looking forward to next week when we can apply what we've learnt to a picture. I feel like we learn quite a lot in a short space of time.

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