Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hearts - lavender filled

I admit it, I watched the re-run of a Kirsty's Homemade Christmas and stole this idea from her! K made a garland, dangling stitched and stuffed hearts (this was in the craft section, not food) 

I wanted to make some hearts and use up some of the odds and ends of fabric I had from bunting projects. So I patched the fabric and fused it on some 'double-sided' Bondaweb, then cut the heart shapes out. 

1) Stitch the hearts in a running stitch with a jaunty thread
2) Leave a gap so you can stuff with lavender
3) Stitch up hole
4) Use recycled ribbon (saved from packaging around fleecy pjs) and stitch a button on each side of the hearts to hold ribbon in place
5) Fuse the outer edges of the hearts together with an iron, I used 'double-sided' Bondaweb - then cut a decorative edging around the heart with pinking scissors.

A scented lush heart!

A moody, arty image of scented hearts...

Here's Kirstie's version...a real winter warmer.


  1. I think yours are more impressive than Kirstie's! I also like the moody arty image effect! ;)