Saturday, 21 January 2012

A handbag?!

I have a lovely book, with lots of lovely, stylish bags by Amy Butler. I have a special event to go to and decided to make a bag.

First I needed to select some fabric...I couldn't resist this 'Big Bloom' fabric from local shop Poppy Patchwork

Pleating the fabric was an exercise in dodging being scalded by the iron, but the result was gorgeous.

Assembling all the pieces and the zip

 My favourite bit about making a bag in when you pull the whole bag out through a small opening in the lining, termed 'The birth of a bag' by a friend. You have to have faith that you've matched everything perfectly and stitched it well...stitching faith.

Give the whole thing a big press...more scalding opportunities

Both sides of the finished bag
All it needs now is a name and an outing! Ideas on a name? Fleur? Big Bloom?!
Have a lovely weekend. Alli x


  1. Pleated petals :) it's gorgeous! x

    1. I like that one....I'm thinking of naming things I make!

  2. Looks great. Anything Kaffe is good by me. I'm impressed you could do the whole pattern thing - I just can't!

    1. It's a good book, but the tiny print is a challenge these days...!

  3. Love the fabric and finished bag looks great!