Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Mixed media course 2 - Resin work

I've collected images, scraps and kept birthday and christmas cards just for this event! Tonight we created mini-collages, used paper cutters to create small and large discs to cover with resin....F.U.N. , as my daughter would say!

Vicky from Paper Village shared her top tips and guided us through the process. I've left my creations at the shop and will think about what to do with them when I can touch them. The resin creates bevelled domes over the images.

Here's what I made - I'm thinking jewellery, badges, brooches...endless! Personalised goodies...
Christmas cards are a good source of images

I like the Easter bunny scrap image & something
for the 'Geographer' too..

There had to be birds somewhere - this one is
from some wrapping paper


  1. Wonderful How about making them into fridge magnets!

    1. There's that idea too...I thought of using more text, will have to think of witty, topical things to say!