Wednesday, 18 April 2012


When my nan died many years ago I inherited some of her knitting needles in a fab box. She had enough knitting needles to split between my sister and myself!

I've been inspired to pick up knitting again

I also inherited a box that belonged to my nan.

Inside I found a gorgeous collection of threads, standing to attention.

Exotic colours.

A bag with 5 pieces of tailor's chalk and a quickunpic

I like the fact that my nan knitted with the needles and that I could use the thread on new creations (I want to keep them as they are). 
I'm thankful for my inheritance and my lovely family.
Thanks nanny Vi xx

You inherited anything crafty?


  1. Not stitchy crafty unfortunately, however my own sewing box contains a range of stitch pickers and tailor's chalk! I hope to pass this on to my grandchild one day like Nanny Vi did!

  2. I bought a sewing box full of someone's threads and buttons, at the bottom I found a very old photo of a young man in army uniform with a message on the back. I have this wonderful romantic story of lost love in my head and the photo belongs in the sewing box, I will never remove it. I tried to return the photo, but there were no relatives.

    1. What a lovely story. I feel like that when you buy old postcards with personal messages on, makes you feel like you are holding a story that belongs to someone else. I think there's a story/project to come from the lost photos and postcards. Happy creating. Alli