Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Image transfer paper fun

I've always wanted to have a go at transferring images onto fabric, and now I know how easy it is, I wish I'd had a go years ago.

I bought a few sheets to try out from Vic at Paper Village in Bristol and had a brainwave one morning to use some images from my grannie's sewing box. The end result is a design in sweet needle cases using vintage tape ribbon, available from Flo-Jo's Boutique.

TIP - you will need to reverse the image either in something like photoshop or check the settings on your printer as some printers will reverse the image for you. Especially important if you have text or numbers on your image.

At a birthday party this weekend, we are going to set up a photo booth, include props etc and take pics of the party goers, transfer pics onto the image transfer paper and iron them onto plain canvas bags. Voila, personalised party bags! We've also got a selection of fabric pens to decorate the images.
Here's a sample I produced for my own use...I think the printer needs a clean!

I'll share any other adventures with FTP here in the future....have a go. It's easy and fun.

Alli :-)

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