Saturday, 11 August 2012

Challenge - foot stall!

I acquired a little foot stall from a neighbour last night who challenged me to make it look lovely! She laughed, we'd had a glass or two & I already had an idea of the scrap of fabric I'd use for the transformation!

Here's the finished stall - nice eh?

Here's the before:
Fine but not my style...

It matches my fab blue nail varnish. I'll have to paint my toenails to match now!

Job done, Trisha!
Love Alli x


  1. Love the stool AND the nail varnish too!!! Did you know that your pennants were in the February issue of the popular patchwork magazine. I am the Wiltshire coordinator of the pennants and I only just realized when adding them to a DVD I am making mainly of the Wiltshire pennants. love Liz x

    1. Hi Liz - thanks for your comments. The nail varnish is crazy on the eye, but perfect in this dazzling summer we are having!! Do you have a copy of the magazine, or can you sen me a scan of the article? I'd love to show it to the girls. Many thanks Alli x

  2. Sorry Ali is that you email address as it came back to me so not sure!If you email me I will send you copy. If not tonight it will have to be after sunday as i will be away tomorrow. Liz