Monday, 8 October 2012

Wicker Birds - lanterns part 1

Vic at Paper Village has got involved in making three lanterns for the Bedminster Paper Lantern Parade, December 8th 2012, and needed a team of volunteers to help make and decorate the lanterns. I happily volunteered and we had our first session today.

The bird designs were waiting and after Vic gave us a quick intro we set to work, taping, bending, shaping and sticking, forming 3D shapes from lengths of willow.

Top tip - make sure you can get your shapes out of the room you are building it in! 

Here are the pics of the birds in their cage like shapes, in construction and hanging safely out of the way in the shop.

Working from a plan we tried to make the 1D 3D

Creating the 3D shapes with rings of bound willow

Giving Mildred (we named her!) some support!

Birdy 2, fine details stuck in place

The body of bird 3

Bird 2 gets a fashion shot - I love the framework shadow

Mildred takes to the air...

UP they go, out of the way

UP they go, out of the way

UP they go, out of the way - detail

Looks a bit Alien and pod-like from this view

Mildred flies....
Can't wait until the next session, paper and decoration starts!

To whet your appetite have a gander at the pics from last years' parade here, courtesy of Mark Simmons Photography.
Mark Simmons Photography

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