Sunday, 6 January 2013

Shoes and storytelling - 1. Prototypes

I've been mocking up prototypes of paper shoes this weekend. Why? Well, there's a lovely storytelling festival in Bristol this month, Bristol Storytelling Festival 2013,  and I've got involved in re-writing a story for the Gloucester Road Story Trail part of the festival. The story trail starts on Feb 1st with a storytelling event at a local cafe,Bubalu
I've gone for high heels, a baby Mary-Jane
and a slipper shoe!

'Family storytelling to celebrate the new Gloucester Road Story Trail with storyteller Paula Brown and friends.

The Gloucester Road Story Trail was inspired by the success of the local art trails and aims to link local authors and storytellers, shopkeepers and artists with stories about our area to create a trail that children and adults alike can follow and collect. Look out for the letters on the gingerbread man’s tummy, piece them together and jiggle them about ‘til they make a word!

From the end of January 2013 you can follow the map to find the stories, some traditional tales and some invented. The full set will be posted here soon to make your own book at home.' Taken from here.

I've re-worked 'The 12 Dancing Princesses' which will be displayed in local fabric, haberdashery, sewing space, Flo-Jo Boutique, run by Erika and Dee. 

As well as displaying the story as a poster, we are also planning a fab display for the window of shoes (read the original story here) fashioned from card, paper, fabric and ribbons.

A team of friends will be making the shoes and I've been doing some research and mocking up the prototypes to kick things going.

Here's what I've made and sources:

1) High heels from 
Ellen Hutson at Keepsakes

Oo lala!
2) I couldn't resist these cute baby shoes from 

So very cute...but I'm not sure that
a princess wearing these won't be
walking, let alone dancing!

3) These beautiful slippers, 'These are the ones I imagine them to be wearing' says my 10 year old, which I found at Artful Affirmations. I've played around with the shaping of the toe part and heel.

Watch this space to see how this project and the creations develop - I'm hoping that we'll be taken away on a magic carpet with our imaginations and produce some beautiful shoes!

Alli x

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