Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Shoes and storytelling - 2. Inspiration

I've been seeking out some inspiration for this project and last night I printed out a template and wrote the words to songs with the word 'dance' in it and a Doris Day favourite.

Other inspiration has come from the following:

1) Check out the wonderful creations here at The Creative Self These are so delicate.

2) These ones are from lariscrap.blogspot.co.uk/

3) Lots of wild shoes here from various artists ......

4) I also like the idea of creating the 'material' for the shoe using laminates with trapped material inside - threads of cotton, fabric, paper, maps, glitter etc - to make some 'glass-like' shoes...and maybe some paper cuts to decorate the shoes see paper-cutting-obsession post here.

Watch this space

Alli x

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