Friday, 15 February 2013

Courses 2013 - keep learning

There are still lots of exciting things to learn about in the craft world and I like nothing better than to receive a course as a gift.

I went to Heart Space Studios to do a fab free-machine embroidery course with textile artist Suzi Bancroft. She's a great teacher and her work really interests me. I love the way the threads are left on her work, as if the story is unfinished.

Copyright: Suzi Bancroft

I experimented with some scraps of fabric - one piece with raised pattern, which I cut into a heart shape, and stitched with various threads to connect and echo the pattern.

Here it is - still unfinished:

She introduced us to variegated threads - you get a more textured feel to the images, bit like highlights rather than one flat colour.

I had a play with them with this piece I made for a display. 

Keep stitching! Keep learning!

Love Alli x

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