Friday, 24 January 2014

Monmouthshire - Welsh England Border - Inspiration

We spent a relaxing weekend away last weekend, which was a brilliant way to pass away January blues.   

We stayed at a gorgeous place called The Bell in Skenfrith. It was a really wet Saturday and our drive up was met with swollen rivers and much water run off from the land on the roads. On the Sunday we took one of the walks recommended by the Bell.

The pics speak for themselves and offer me much inspiration.


The Bell at Skenfrith

 Misty Sunday morning, the full Monnow River in Skenfrith

Apple trees - cider producing...

Blackcurrant bushes

 We were blessed with a glorious blue sunny day.

Old old oaks with a story to tell.

The balck mountains in the distance

Looking down to Skenfrith

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