Saturday, 22 February 2014

Lampshde kit: 'My name is Alli and I'm addicted to fabric....'

I bought one of these kits in November and got round to making it up today after falling in love with some fabric in John Lewis. I feel myself getting all over-awed when I visit a fabric shop and then choosing the fabric becomes even harder.

Today I was restrained. I reminded myself of the colour scheme in my bedroom, my bedding and plumped for this delicious beauty designed by Wayne Hemmingway. I can't find a link to it - must be very new.

You can buy the kits here at: Make your own lampshade kit.

Following the instructions, I got confused in a few places:

1) Make sure you leave a 1 cm piece of fabric at one end of the strip, once you've applied the PVC.

2) Leave the tape on the fabric top and bottom edges ON until you reach step 18.

I didn't do either of the above so

1) Ended up with a rough seam :(

2) Got in a bit of a sticky mess, but I manged to sort it!

I am now the owner of a new bedside lamp. I feel this lampshade making malarky may be addictive....or something I could teach others to do. Mmmmm. Roll on 'extension' to my house and all those possibilities to run craft parties!!

Happy Feb 


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