Friday, 25 April 2014

Applique textile picture - for Teddy

Well the gorgeous Teddy got his 'welcome new baby' picture at the ripe old age of 4 months old! I really enjoyed making this picture and thought I'd share the process with you, if you are interested in trying something like it your self.

The skills/materials used are:
- machine applique
- stash of fabrics - I've got plenty!
- using invisible stitching
- hand embroidery
- using 'doublesided' Bondaweb - holds fabric securely in place while you stitch around it
- fabric ink
- letter stamping kit - I use this one loads

1) The main picture of the elephant came from a Selvedge Magazine flyer. I drew the image to scale and then cut out each individual piece as a pattern piece. I choose my fabrics and attached Bondaweb to each piece, drew around the pattern piece and then ironed the pieces on to the elephant.

Ready for attaching to main fabric

2) I stitched the elephant to the main fabric using invisible stitch - taught to me by Quliter Dawn Cameron-Dicks. Here's the image from the reverse side.

3) I then added the other fabric pieces, which are only attached with Bondaweb, as the image is going to live behind glass, so did not need to be ultra secure.

4) Next I added some hand embroidery, using a range of stitches and matching tones. The picture was completed by the addition of flowers, circles cut from a gorgeous piece of fabric, which made the composition pleasing to my eye!

The only completed picture I have is a bit blurry....

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