Sunday, 20 April 2014

Colette - Sorbetto top

Sewing a summer top on a wet Easter Sunday? Well I did. I improved on my technique by using a Bias Maker, rather than the method I used on the last top. here's the link to the patterns and the first top I made: Colette top-free pattern.

Using the Bias Maker was fab and it has made for a better finish on the top.

Here's the finished top. Now I just have to wait for some sunshine to wear it....or I could just chuck on a cardie!

P.S. Fabric from Flo-Jo Boutique.


  1. Get a cardi on ya! Although don't hide too much of this very very pretty top - it's very clever with that pleat section down the middle. I hope that you love it!

    1. Think I can see some sunshine on the horizon, Diane, so will wear this beauty. It's a really simple pattern and I've seen some interesting adaptations on Pinterest, which I'm going to also make. :)