Monday, 29 September 2014

Briswool! M-shed 4-5th October 2014

This weekend you have the opportunity to see Briswool, Bristol knitted, crocheted & felted by volunteers, in its full splendor at the M-Shed Bristol.

The project has been organised & co-ordinated by the lovely Vic from Paper Village in Bedminster. 

Here are some pics I took when it went on display at Paper Village in May this year.

Tottering houses - Totterdown or Hotwells?

Knitted allotment
Look at these tiny boats on the river!

Brunel would be proud of these creatives!

It wouldn't be Bristol
without this famous pair!
 Here's what Vic has to say about the project and the weekend ahead, taken directly from Paper Village website:


The City of Briswool is a project to knit, crochet and needlfelt a huge model representing Bristol . When the part we have completed so far went on display at Paper Village it attracted 4,000 visitors in just 10 days. It has been seen in the press all over the world ! Over 90 people across the city have been involved sop far . Some made tiny knitted squares, others came to tree workshops and some designed buildings – there has been something for everyone. 4.000 hours of work ,10 free workshops ,Hundreds of cups of tea

The Model will go on display at M Shed on 4th and 5th October 2014 from 11am - 4pm - YOUR CHANCE TO GET INVOLVED

Like any city BRISWOOL will grow and develop. This is now your chance to be involved. We will be holding two free workshops called “How to Craft a City” alongside the model . You need to be able to knit or crochet . Just bring along size 4mm hook or needles and a big eye wool needle
We will be:
o Making Colston Hall and The Old Duke pub as a group – possibly more. just bring size 4mm crochet hook or needles. You will learn all kinds of techniques for designing and making buildings for BRISWOOL
o Helping to sew together queens square, king street , the town centre and park street and position existing parts and plan what else to make
o Helping you identify what you would like to make – there are still many interesting buildings and features
o Signing you up for groups such as BRISWOOL makes Easton or BRISWOOL makes Gloucester road etc

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