Sunday, 22 February 2015

Window Wanderland – Bristol February

I recently took part in a brilliant community event in North Bristol called Window Wanderland, created by Lucy Reeves, the inspiration for this project. The aim of the project was to shine light on a dark February night, by decorating, illuminating, jazzing up your front window and getting the local community out to mingle and view the window creations. I loved the night – we built in a tea break at Boston Tea Party and I had a hot water bottle to cuddle up to to keep me warm. we meet old neighbours and new and it was a really busy socialbel evening. Some used as an opprotunity to raise funds for a local charity - see WW website for details. 

I spent time planning and working out what I wanted to do, made sure I kept out some Christmas lights and paced myself with all the intricate cutting that I’d set myself to do. I went for a woodland theme, with the characters of Red Riding Hood taking central stage.


Here’s a collage of all the other amazing windows. You can see a gallery of photos of all the windows in the Window Wanderland site, here.

We look forward to taking part in WW 2016! Maybe you'll do something too or set something up where you live?

PS - My display is still up!

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