Sunday, 22 May 2011

Basic bunting - get the kids involved!

I'm mad about bunting. It comes in all shapes and sizes, fabrics and paper and spices up any occasion. Felt from Fabric Land Bristol (if you are not near one petition your council to get one)

Here's how I taught my daughter how to use the sewing machine and make her own bunting.

Step 1 - assemble materials

Assembly your materials - felt flags, bias binding (25mm)
Cut out flags - 15cm long X 11 Use felt - no need for hemming!

Measure bias binding - (25mm thick) - I buy it on a roll of 25m. It's cheaper that way and you're bound to make more.

Step 2 - Using the sewing machine

Once you have set the sewing machine up, have a go at doing a straight stitch and zig zag.

Remember - you can always take your foot off the pedal if things are going wonky!

Step 3 - Start sewing

Gently does it!
Use a zig zag stitch and fold binding in half - place under foot about 2 cm in. Sew a few stitches forward and then reverse to stop stitching from coming undone. 

Keep stitch close to the left edge of binding.

Sew for about 50 cm before tucking first flag in between folded binding - stitch in place.

Decide on your spacing and place next flag in position.

Stitch until all flags snuggly in place!

To finish - make sure that you leave yourself another 50cm for the end tie. Make sure you use a few back stitches at the end to secure your stitch.

Step 4 - Hang your bunting..

Pride of place!

No sewing machine?
1) Hand stitch the flags in place with a running stitch (use a contrasting embroidery thread). It'll take longer, but will while away a few hours while you're eating a cream tea! 
2) Fabric glue - it's fab! Stick the binding in half and add the flags in along the way!

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  1. Lovely! Keep them coming Alli,I need lots of tips, especially sewing machine ones x