Sunday, 22 May 2011

Starting out - why 'The Empty Oxo Box'?

When I think back to my childhood and the opportunities I had to be creative I am drawn to tea-time children’s TV, especially Blue Peter. Inspired by the ‘Here’s one I made earlier’ section of the programme, the ‘making ‘n’ creating’ part, we would take note and absorb the steps of the creation process, wonder why they called Sellotape sticky-tape, marvel at the miracle of double-sided tape and bother mum for the raw materials – invariable an empty OXO box or a Fairy washing-up liquid bottle. The results of our creations were varied and often led to other projects but I remember that my mum would empty the cubes out of the OXO box to give us our raw materials, in doing that we had the green light to make!

That green light has been on full-time at the moment and has made me think about the empty box and what it means.

1)   Given an empty box , any box, you can make something
2)   Someone, mum, giving up a box that was in use tells me that there is always a way to create, you just need someone to encourage it
3)   You can find your own empty box, just don’t be too hasty to collapse it and put it in your recycling box!
4)   It’s never too late to start playing with boxes and use your imagination

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