Friday, 26 August 2011

Make a Pennant for 2012!

Did you know that we are hosting the Olympic Games in London in 2012?! Excited? I am....

I spoke with an aunt today who told me about this project, making pennants to give to each competitor in the London Olympics 2012. Quilts 4 London Olympics 2012.

I got together my daughter and 2 neighbours and here's what we made.

At the website you will find guidance and a range of template shapes to download. We designed our flags and then used felt to make them. I did the machine sewing!
Rachel loves horses...neeeigh.

Lauren made a lucky clover...

A fruity image..

A Bristolian phrase...

Check out the gallery here: Pennant contributions

Now all we need to do is upload them onto the website and send them off!

You gonna have a go?

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