Thursday, 25 August 2011

Crochet ambitions!

Ever since I've seen these crochet flowers in Mollie Makes I've wanted to make them.

Here's the spread in the mag:

Unfortunately I can't crochet.

Fortunately my mother can - and when she came to visit this week she taught me 'how to' crochet! She's the sort of person who has crochet hooks in her hand bag and always has a knitted or crochet project on the go.(You can see where I get it from!)

I didn't find it easy at first and I joked with my mum & kept asking her if I was ready to 'go for' the flowers yet...she laughed (in a kind way, of course).

She taught me basic stitches and I'm very proud of what I've produced.
I can crochet....squares.....I made these!

Mum quickly twirled and whirled...
Whilst I was 'learning' mum whizzed up some flowers.

I now have my own crochet hooks. I need to set myself the challenge now to make some flowers - I'll post my efforts as and when!

Wish me luck! 'Chain...single...treble..'


  1. I can do these. Or at least I used to be able to. Try a blog called applehead - she gives good instructions. Hoping to go to Dropped Stitch on Monday. We could give them a go then if you like? X

  2. Hi Jules, I'm also going to try to go on Monday...will you look after me and my poor crocheting?! x

  3. Hi Alli,

    Im still very new to crochet but loving learning. Love your flowers. I found the Mollie Makes pattern very helpful for boosting my confidence with the hooky.

    Melanie x

  4. Good Luck! I went on a crochet course about two years ago and nearly cried before the lunch break because I was finding it so hard and thought I'd never get onto the granny Square which was the main purpose of going. Then it all fell into place in the afternoon and I was cock-a-hoop! I'm still not sure that I could make flowers. show us how you do :)