Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A Year of Blogging!

To celebrate a year of blogging, sharing and making I had a few mates round to sew and created. 

Linda arrived, out of breath, clutching a replica olympic torch (she'd made it for her son to wave as the torch came through Bristol the next day). It was a grand entrance. We hear that they are selling well on ebay...
Carrying on with the olympic theme, Zoe made flags for her children to wave out of an old pillow case.
A range of flowers and pom-poms were made; only one image was transferred onto a tote bag, as the printer was playing up!  But mostly we chatted, laughed and drank wine. No wonky stitching!

It was a lovely evening, stitchers! Let's do it again soon...thank you x

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  1. always interesting and curiously creative - AND for a whole year!