Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Memory quilt progress.

In January I posted about a new quilt project here.

I got waylaid by image transfer and making decisions about the fabric, but we chose a Moda Layer Cake of fabric, Little Apples mix by Aneela Hoey which I bought from Poppy Patchwork.

My daughter decided on the images she wanted on the quilt and I stitched the fabric from old clothes onto the panels of fabric - not very expertly!

Next I added some embroidery. All embroidery images are from various copies of Mollie Makes magazines.

At this stage the squares have all been stitched together and now I'll need to seek some advice about the edging and basic quilting. Thinking of making some mini-bunting flags to incorporate into the border.

Big enough for a single bed

Starting school

Big brother

If this bear could talk the adventures it could tell us, especially
about the workings of the postal service! 

Cheeky pose does not express her views about school -
first day photo

Turning 4...
Will post pics when finished....

Happy June! Alli :-)


  1. Your quilt is amazing!! You'll be so glad you made it in years to come :)
    I used a really good quilt binding tutorial form Heather Bailey's blog years ago (if you can still find it?)

  2. Hi Claire - thanks for the tip. I'll check it out. Have been busy looking through craft books and had a good chat with the owner of a local quilting shop. All organised now....will get to it soon. x