Sunday, 10 June 2012

Weaving a ground...

I had a play with fabric and paper over the weekend to make some surfaces for stitching with and playing with. I borrowed the book, Drawn to Stitch by Gwen Hedley, from the library and in the first section you are shown a variety of ways to make a bank of surfaces for drawing, stitching on - so I had a play.

From Drawn to Stitch - the how to

From Drawn to Stitch
From Drawn to Stitch
I experimented with fabric first and realised that using fabrics with similar designs or colours was not as effective as the spot and gingham piece, where the contrasts were more obvious. I suppose it depends how the piece is used.

What I like is the way the pattern is disjointed in the weaving process.

I played around with maps and magazine ads.
OS map of bit of London with family history
juxtaposed with an older map of the area

Weaving of an ancient map of London &
the underground map - new & old

There is something odd about the way
the model appears silenced by the snowy
scene woven into this piece.

I must get an iron just for this purpose and stop trashing the family gadgets with my experiments....!

Oh and I had a go at trapping a skeleton of a leaf between tissue paper...good old bondaweb and a hot iron. I love this one...

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