Thursday, 8 August 2013

Cornish Cove - a stitched piece

Who can fail to be inspired by a view like this?
Sennen Cove - Cornwall
Having holidayed with so many beautiful views of the Cornish sea and sky I wanted to make something to remind me of the holiday.

As a family, we collect shells and beach debris from most visits to the sea, and our 'collection' lives in our front garden. I love this collection.

I was tickled by the shells I saw used in art work on the wall of Alison Deegan's studio, in a feature in Mollie Makes. Shells stitched on felt.

I had a rough idea of what I wanted to make & planned out the piece using some favourite shells. I used applique, free-machine embroidery and hand sewing, enjoying using my Sylko threads and other metallic threads.

Not sure how to display it yet, but I really felt myself get lost in making this. Here are some closeups.

Ho hum, for Cornish Coves!

Here's to your hols and big skys!

Alli x

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