Sunday, 13 October 2013

Lauren Child - fabric, collage and Chandeliers for the People

All images copywright Lauren Child

I have a little daughter Hettie.
       She's not so small but very funny.
She has always loved the books of Lauren Child.
       We have most of her books now.

Ms Child's books range from picture books to
        detective novels for pre-teens now.
When Ms Child's is in town we love to go and listen to her
        because we are inspired by her illustrations
            and          QUirkY 

This Saturday we found out a bit more about her way of 
Lauren grew up in the 60s and 70s, like me, and her mother
        made clothes for Lauren and her 2 sisters.

We were also dressed in clothes my mum made for us.
      I feel a connection to Ms Childs and her homemade 70s

When Lauren creates her illustrations, she draws, 
        photocopies fabric, collages and such like.
She likes to use the computer to play around with the fabrics.

One source of fabric for her pics is the scrap stash at her 
        family home.
She also had a business called Chandeliers for the People -
        and has many remnants from that time that
               make their
                          way into her
                                marvellous illustrations.

Lola's pjs are made from fabric that was used to make a
       nightdress for young Lauren.

One small remnant was copied several times and overlaid to 
           make one larger image.
A patchwork background a bit like this one.

All images copywright Lauren Child

We are now into the 3rd Ruby Redfort book and think Lauren
       writes fab books for pre-teens.

In the Q & A I didn't get to ask my question. Boo hoo.

Me: On your slide you were using you whizzed forward to an image of Starsky and Hutch and Hart to Hart - how did they inspire your writing?

Lauren:   .........

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