Saturday, 9 November 2013

Oh My Godet!

If you're a Strictly Come Dancing fan then you'll know all about godets and how Julien MacDonald refers to them when reviewing costumes. We love them!

I had an opportunity to use godets when I made a glamorous fancy dress frock for my daughter. I had some stretchy remnants of silvery fabric and we got going on the project.

I admit that I didn't add the godets properly, I squeezed them in, but we like the effect!

For the basic dress shape I used a t-shirt pattern I'd used previously and extended the shape to make an a-line shape skirt. 

I cut two splits at the front and back of the skirt in line with the legs.

There are lots of tutorials on You Tube to follow, if you plan on doing this properly!

This has to be one of the scrappiest things I've made, technique wise, but most satisfying.

Who knows, might even use godets properly one day, and put them in a frock of my own!

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